Warning: Linerider may be highly addictive but it is so fun you won’t worry about it after a full 8 hours. You build a ‘snow hill’ for Linerider to sled on.


We’re all about connecting, right? is a social networking web site that lets you meet new people. What sets it apart from other social networking websites like Myspace is that the person you meet doesn’t get to judge you by your face, but instead, they have 4 days to get to know you, and vice versa. The site also has a section where you can post a journal, to a forum of sorts, and you have the decision to make it public or private.

Future Me (Who?)

Futureme is place where you can write your future self an email; to say who you are and what you’re about right now, remind yourself things, or ask your future self questions. You can send yourself a future email for anytime in the future, anywhere from 2 months to 20 years, and if your email changes, you can change the email address you want the email sent to.
If you’re not interested in writing to future you, or you just want to see what some other people want their future selves to know, there are many public entries of what people have decided to send to their future selves.


Not to be confused with Pandora’s Box, Pandora is a place where you can create your own personal radio station online, based a search for an artist or song. You tell it what you like or don’t like, and Pandora tries to bring you more music you’ll like based on your input. There are links to buy artists’ cd’s and information about their bands. Music takes next to no time to load, and it’s an easy to use interface. And now, Pandora has a community to let you connect with other people who like similar music.